Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend update - Waiting for Wildstar

Wildstar Core (or Fans, sorry guys I lose track on Twitter) frequently hashtags "Waiting for Wildstar". I suppose you could just plop down in a chair and stair at your smart phone for a few months. Instead of that, how about playing some games?

This will be one of my new weekly segments. I'm going to suggest some great, inexpensive time sinks to pass these long summer days.

I'm going to pause here for a half hour and wait for the Steam sale to update, just in case something pops up, but I think I have a good first suggestion.

Yup, sticking with my first choice - Rogue Legacy. This is an action platformer. The game's description refers to it as a "rogue lite" which is a form of a "rogue like." (games why you gots to have such confusing genres?) Short version, dungeon crawls with escalating threats and loss of character and all items on death. A "rogue lite" mitigates or eliminates the death penalty.

Rogue Legacy approaches this in a very unique and charming way. When you die, you are dead, but fortunately you've left behind 3 children. One will take up the mantle of hero and carry on your quest, taking ownership of all the gold and items you died with. This money is used to purchase upgrades for your keep which provide stat boosts and other bonuses. You'll also find a large assortment of gear and runes to modify your character's abilities. There is exactly enough options available to open the door for players to latch onto options that suit their play style and advance it.

Currently on Sale for 20% off its base price of $15, if you enjoy a good 2-D action platformer you will enjoy the heck out of Rogue Legacy. Check it out on the Rogue Legacy homepage, or pop over to the Steam page. (Since the Steam Summer Sale is going on you may stumble on a flash sale or even a daily deal for this title with a further discount)

How much time will this eat up? Well here is my screen cap from the end credits including my playtime and number of deaths. This was taken at the end of the base game. I have since cleared New Game + and am working on New Game ++ (which is tough as nails) as I understand it the pluses just keep coming and the enemy levels keep increasing.

Steam says I'm at 29 hours now working on New Game ++
Here is a You Tube trailer if you'd like to avoid those links for some reason. (Don't worry, I wouldn't trust me either.)

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