Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Home Sweet...Mother of [REDACTED]!

I'll start off with the bad news, weighed in at 221 this morning -- Side note, I feel like I have at least a pound of water sloshing around in my inner ear.

Today I was able to enjoy a walk around the building during a 15 minute break, but unfortunately the overtime at the end of the day seemed to set the sun into its off position. I thought you summer days were supposed to be long! I'm not impressed! So I had to hit up the elliptical instead of taking a bike ride. I also pulled out the water mug at work today instead of getting a third can of soda. Hopefully I can work myself back down to 1 can a day, it is a major factor in my weight gain..though it is shaving precious ounces from that ever troublesome tooth enamel weight.

Enough about that! Wildstar Wednesday was all about housing this week. Scooter had tweeted out a few weeks ago that he was sneaking around to the Beta homes and getting screen captures of cool ones. Now we have an awesome gallery of examples of what the Beta folks have been up to. And based on this picture, the answer is "Living the good life."

I imagine the owner sits here while trolling General Chat.

You can see the whole gallery over at the Wildstar site.

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