Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Rumors - New Races!

I did not get a walk in at work today, because I did not get a break in at work today. I did get in a nice long swim though, and that was an odd experience. I used to be a really strong swimmer, now I probably look like a sick dog. Someone asked me if I was OK once when I was coming out of the deep end. I told him that I'm always this pastey, and that I'm fine.

The big news about Wildstar today is that they will finally reveal the last two races that will be available at the launch of Wildstar.

There have been tons of rumors about it. Screenshots, and hints in Dev Speak,  and Concept Art, and that one guided play through where Donatelli displayed the worst poker face ever.

Finally we will have it all laid bare. This article explains the details.

I think we can look forward to a new high class video on Friday.

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