Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday - How about a Dev Speak instead?

So this was going to be one of my new features. An excuse to get on the blog, give a short recap of what I did or didn't do for the day, but not take up a ton of time.

After a couple of hours of overtime I was certainly looking forward to that -- but then Carbine dished out a helping of Dev Speak, so I guess I'll save it for next week.

So far today I haven't done much. I did stick to a portion controlled lunch, but I spent the rest of my breaks dealing with non-desk related work issues so I didn't get my walk in -- a real shame, because it was damn nice out today. Since I was at work until 9 tonight I won't get in my swim either. The plan is to do some sit ups, pushups, wall slides, and squats before bed. I'll have to update the chart over to the right tomorrow on if that happens.

Alright, great dev speak. I's an ok dev speak, some interesting info in there, but the ending is what really sells it. Luckily they did not manage to get my mascot. His name is Joe BTW. I also loved the fan art that Skippy linked on Twitter today.

And here is that Dev Speak

Lot's of great attack effects shown off in this one -- and that blind effect!

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