Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Tuesday Teaser Too?

Today I forced myself to get in a walk even though we were swamped with work, hopefully I can keep that mentality to get in the basic upper body exercises that I always wimp out on. The impending weigh in tomorrow morning should keep my motivation up. Speaking of anticipation, Wildstar gave us a second teaser poster for the race reveals coming this Friday at SDCC. I'm tickled!

Ok, background is clear, This is the Exile race - Squid in bottle.
Jeremy Gaffney met with EU fan sites last week for a Lunch Q&A session. Here is the first of three parts. Very interesting things covered. It gave me a couple of ideas for future talks. More importantly - How motivating is Gaffney!? I just want to do things after hearing him talk for an hour. If he could call me every day and give me a long winded story about why I should bike to work I'd totally do it. Every time!

Links to Part 2 and Part 3

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