Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Nexus - Officially Speaking

Good morning! I seem to be running a day behind this week on my updates, just the way it goes sometimes. The last couple of days have been uneventful for me, a result of the earlier part of my week. I managed to damage my left quad to some degree. I tried biking to work on Friday but the stinging pain while not unbearable did convince me to turn around to avoid exacerbating the injury. I'm taking a load off and avoiding straining my legs, which means no biking or elliptical and no stairs.

Interesting things burst out of the carbine camp this week, as well as a couple of notable other pieces of news.

  • Jeremy Gaffney discusses the 1%
  • Dev Speak #2 - Movement
  • ZAM Interview with Chris Lynch and Hugh Shelton
  • Press Event at Carbine
  • Q&A on Week In Geek
  • Jason Winter's article on Game Skinny

Jeremy Gaffney on Elder Game Plans

This post on Wildstar Central came deep in a thread about balancing the game and was reposted as its own thread by a member. This thread ran up 7 pages and had some additional comments from Gaffney, but nothing as substantive as the initial post. It's a great read and if you missed it I highly and strongly recommend reading it to get a clear understanding on the Carbine philosophy on end game and providing content for different types of players.

I will be coming back to this on my Sunday Post where I discuss the other 1%.

Dev Speak - Movement

Check out 2:16 for a hint on the nature of one of the unrevealed classes. There has been plenty of speculation that there will be a rifle class since lots of NPCs seem to have them, but this clearly shows a player character with a long rifle slung on their back.

Interview with Lead Combat Systems Designer and Lead Class Designer

Ok guys, I can't fit both your names and your titles on the same header line, I'll just call you guy 1 and you guy 2.

ZAM's interview is full of information. Guy 1 has some good insights on why different things work the way they do, such as why dash is called dash and not dodge. Guy 2 provides some good context on how he sucks at jumping puzzles. You can get the full interview over at ZAM, remember it's two pages!

Press Event at Carbine

Very little to say about this. Troy Hewitt sent out several pictures as the event was happening but we'll have to wait until the embargo period is over to learn what the press was shown. New Classes? Races? In depth on Warplots? I'm looking forward to the coming month, should be lots of fun new information.

 Q&A with Week In Geek

Jeremy Gaffney sat down for a live interview during the press event with Week In Geek. This was a remote broadcast for these guys so the quality is a bit low for video and audio, but it's passable. If you want to skip straight to the Wildstar stuff you'll find the Gaffer at 41:30 in the VOD.

Jason Winter - Whose Wildstar Is It Exactly?

Really enjoyed this article! He talks about how it's been a challenge to pigeonhole Wildstar based on the marketing info that has come out. It's an educated discussion from a writer who has not laid hands on the game yet. A very valuable perspective.

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