Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Stress Test

I am a day behind on this update because I had difficulty formulating exactly what I had to say about the Wildstar Wednesday subject. When I decided to wait until Thursday I had no idea that Carbine was going to spring another Dev Speak video on us. I'll just add this to the pile of news items that I'll be covering on Friday.

I started biking to work this week, and it's been going pretty well. I gambled and lost yesterday (no I did not poop my pants) the weather did not hold up for the ride home and I ended up wet and dirty, the back of my Curse party Wildstar shift got the worst of it. The best side effect of this man powered commute has been it reduced my soda consumption by a serving per day. I'm wide awake when I get to work and I'm very thirsty for pure water. I did tear a muscle in my upper thigh though, I have today off so I will focus on upper body stuff and give my legs a rest. Once I get used to this extra expenditure of energy I will work back in the exercises I'd been doing for the last 4 months, I'm still getting in my walks at work, but I've been skipping the elliptical.

My weight yesterday, and I cherry picked the stuff out of this measurement. 218.1 pounds! Getting back on track!

My only pressing weight related concern at the moment is that all the weight loss seems to be occurring at or below my belt line. This impressive beast radiating from my belly button remains intact. I am worried I will end up with a freakish trucker body. offense to any truckers who happen to read this blog, I'm sure you are quite lovely, I'm talking about those other truckers, the ones you don't like.

Wildstar Wednesday this week was a big announcement. Carbine will be holding a massive stress test on their beta server(s). They are going to invite way too many people in to play the beta for one or two days only in an upcoming weekend yet to be announced.

The purpose of this announcement was the let everyone know that it's not going to be a very fun experience for most people. There is no server queue yet, so lots of players will have trouble even connecting. If you do get connected you'll be in an overpopulated starting zone that is laggy and prone to crashing.

That sounds awful, why would you want to do that? The team needs to figure out where the servers break and why so that they can make improvements to the code or the hardware prior to that ambiguous 2013 launch date.

"Great, great, help the devs, that's all well and good...but what about me?" A fair question, if a little bit selfish. According to Craig Turner anyone who makes a good faith effort to log in and help with the stress test will be added to a priority list for future closed beta invites. See Internet? There is something in it for you.

I'm going to cut it off here for today, I just had my blood drawn and I'm a little woosy...speaking of cherry picking I just fasted for 12 hours and had a significant amount of life giving fluid removed from my body...maybe I weigh even less today!

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