Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scanbot S..omeday - The Other 1%

I hope everyone had a great mother's day. I am late getting this post up, I've had this idea rattling in my brain for a week now, but every time I put pen to paper I come up with something unusable. I am going to try and give a synapses instead of a diatribe.

When you talk about the 1% in the MMO community everyone thinks of hard core raiders, the dedicated few who stormed the Necropolis of Naxxramas in classic World of Warcraft or concurred the Sunwell raid in the Burning Crusade expansion. Organized players who have both skill and commitment enough to switch crafting professions twice a week on three alts in order to ensure the best raid composition for every fight. These hard core players are certainly 1% of the whole inside any game's population, but they are not alone.

I am the 1% of players who enjoy the depth and breadth of what an MMO has to offer. I want to experience the world of Wildstar as an Exile and as a Dominion. I want to face my enemies toe to toe with my Techblade, ambush them with the power of my stealth suit, and I want to blast them with telekinetic swords or twin pistols. I want to explore, settle, soldier and science the world of Nexus.

I am the 1% of players who game for 2-4 hours a night and sometimes pull 20 hour shifts on a weekend, but prefers casual content. Sometimes, I want something truly punishing, but not on a set schedule.

You are most likely not part of my 1%, statistically speaking, but here is the good news. Based on what Jeremy Gaffney said about Wildstar's goals for elder game content development, they want to make something that appeals to your 1% too.

 Whew! That was way easier then trying to define a whole bunch of different examples of 1% player groups.

What's your 1%? What have you been missing recently? Is it a game feature that is missing from the game(s) you play, or is it a feeling that you want to recapture?

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