Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hello Bunny Girls!!

I am back today after some simple situps, squats, push ups and planks to read this blog entry about the Aurin. Posted on January 25th on the Wildstar site, previously appearing on as a part of the week of Wildstar in December 2011.

Let's see what I think.

So first I did some digging last night and found out that we've known about paths from the very beginning, but for some reason it wasn't a subject in the blog post so I was waiting for the right opportunity to talk about them. I am going to make that my Tuesday subject for sure because I think it is a pretty important aspect of your character.

Now, the article on hand has some nice things in it. Some details Aurin and Dominion relations. Seems their planet was harvested for natural resources leaving them without a home. And also some details about the Scientist path. Primarily the link to this flickr gallery. it concerns the Scientist's primary tool, the Scan Bot, which did appear in the reveal trailer.

Again, small tidbits, given in a fun way.

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