Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A long nap and a quick post

Slept through my workout tonight due to some insomnia from the previous night...which given the time, may follow me further.

Read the human entry posted on the official blog on Feb 1st, 2012. (I am almost only a year behind)

It had some tidbits on human lore, indicating that there are two factions of humans, which is to be expected, always need humans on both sides. No MMO has ever been successful having humans only available to a single faction. Players need something to identify with.

There was a link to another flickr page with an example of a map scan performed by an explorer. The most basic of information was given about what you do as an explorer, which is that you explore.

Alright, I'm off to count some sheep and see if my 4 hour nap last evening will compensate me for the 4 hours of sleep I'm not getting overnight.

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