Friday, January 4, 2013

Which one is 11?

Our exercise room closes at 11pm according to the sign outside. This must be east coast time or something because it's only 10:30 and the electronic lock was flashing angry colors at me.

So no exercising for me today, which is probably for the best, my legs are still a little sore from yesterday. I sat on the steps inside my building and scrolled through the blog post from August 10th 2011. It was a statement from Matt Mocarski, Art Director. It talks about the style of the game and how they chose it.

The anime inspired, WB-esque slick cartoony character designs are one of the things that drew my attention to this title. The particular level of Sci-Fi / Fantasy drew me in further. I have been a fan of the art direction from the first trailer. I am no expert on this subject, so I'll just sit back and enjoy what you put out, I don't have any real commentary on the subject outside of,  "Me likey!"

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