Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fifty percent!

I got through 50% of the weight loss setting on the legs only elliptical today. That may seem pretty sad, but I hope I can be able to go through the full sequence by Monday.
It may seem small, but there is a lot of sweat going on here. I'm looking forward to working in some body strength building stuff over the next couple of weeks. Crunches, pushups and such.

The article I read through today was posted by Eric DeMilt back on August 8th of 2011. He spoke a lot about getting portions of the game into players hands and getting feed back early, in time to make needed changes. About how developers can start to over look minor bugs or inconveniences that real players just won't abide.

I am the sort of player that tends to give a lot of leeway in betas, even at launch to bugs and unintended goofiness. You'll never get good feed back out of me at a convention. I'm so damn happy and excited to get my hands on this shiny new product for a few minutes that I never really develop a deeper impression than I had when I sat down. If you give me 10 hours to play with my best friends. then you'll never shut us up.

If you want a summery of our questions after a day of play time, based on past experience, they will look something like this:

Me: Can I change the color of this lightning to red?
Him: Can I be a pet class that also tanks?
Her: Is healing rewarding and interesting? What tools do I have when I am alone?
Other Him: How are you making tanking engaging? Will I be looking at boss crotch all day?
That Guy: I finished everything a month before my friends, what do I do while I wait for them?

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