Sunday, January 6, 2013


I still haven't taken any time at all to try and figure out You Tube posting. Sunday perhaps. I do have a trio of photos to share. A couple of face shots around a upper body shot. The funny thing about the upper body shot was after I saw it I opened up my picture properties to turn off Fisheye lens...that was wishful thinking. No editing there. Just pure sadness.

If I lose some weight you'll be able to see the great Mechwarrior artwork and a Mega Man 15th anniversary wall hang that are hiding behind my gut.

I read through a series of blog entries today all pertaining to Wildstar's presence at Gamescom in Aug 2011. These were fun to read, even though they don't contain a ton of information. The team is obviously very excited to show the game off for the first time. There were a lot of links to the team's You Tube page. I am setting up a play list on my channel so I can watch these videos tomorrow while I continue my daily dose.

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