Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Without Wildstar - Starbound

It's Sunday!? Well that's one more weekend closer to Wildstar that I hardly notice happen. I did a 5 hour stream of Starbound on Friday, and I sure as heck didn't stop playing when the camera turned off. It has consumed my weekend.

I've never been pulled in by this type of game before, the whole harvest and build open world thing. I'm not an artistic creative type, I am an information gatherer, but I have a standing rule with my friends that if they buy me something on Steam I will stream it, especially if it's multi-player. So my buddy Drash got me a copy and we tried it out.

For the $15 price tag there is a lot to do currently, but it is in Beta, and there is a content cliff. Yes, even in an open world (Universe) sandbox there is content that needs development. Currently the crafting and resource tiers are not correctly connected above the first tier boss. In the game as it was this weekend, there are 3 boss tiers leading to Sector X and the highest level content, but when the game is complete I understand there will be 10 total tiers. The struggle caused by the resource distribution is that you are required to go into areas that /far/ outreach your gear in order to gather the materials needed to progress to fight bosses that /far/ outreach your gear in order to reach even higher level planets that have the resources you need to start catching up your gear to the things you are fighting.

It's still a fun time, but there is a lot of drawing boxes around high level enemies and beating them to death 2 HP at a time.

I am unsure what the completed game will be and when it will be completed, I am sure everyone's $15 is helping them fund development, but only time will tell the true value of the title.

Additionally, and I'm sure I'll mention this a few times, I've updated my Twitter handle to @itsboats because everyone pronounces my last name wrong. Maybe this will help.

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