Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - The Medic: Healing, now with more BWAAS!

Q: I don't get the title.
A: You need to watch more Honest Trailers.

This week has been filled with last minute doctor appointments and family visits. I managed to shave another half a pound off my weight, I need to ramp that up if I want to make any real progress before Wildstar sees the light of day. currently at 224.1 pounds.

This week also saw the introduction of the first of the two "secret" classes: The Medic the healer with the Wub-wubs. (Stephen Frost in an interview with IGN described the sound design and said it was one of his favorites.)

The question I asked last week - "What are those things" was answered as "Resonators" a tool that can both mend and harm...sometimes both at the same time.

The other primary features of the medic are fields and probes. Fields are persistent ground spawns that have effects ranging from snares to healing to ... umm ... other things. Also, probes. These are "over time" effects providing damage or healing while they last, but additionally while they are active they can be triggered to explode adding value. This means that a medic who wants to perform at the highest level will need to be constantly aware of positioning and timing. (This applies to both healing and damage.)

The resource for the Medic are Power Cores. These start out at full each fight (they regen out of combat) and are required for some abilities which consume them. To regain cores in combat a basic attack or heal will need to be used. Depending on the cost of abilities and how this flows with TTK the rhythm of combat could be fun. I am also unsure how this works with the healing resource that they've identified: focus.

There has not been an AMA yet on the medic so That's the basics, later this week I may have more to say about Dr. Dubstep.

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