Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Personality and Panic Mode

I am a day late on this one because my brain was trying to escape through my forehead last night.

So I got on the scale yesterday morning and was greeted with a 221.3 reading. That is a heck of a backslide, and understandable. I haven't done squat in two weeks now. So I decided that stress or no stress I needed to buckle down until I knuckle under.

I cut soda out 100% yesterday, which is where the mind detonation was coming from. I want to keep that up for at least 2 weeks, regardless of discomfort. I'm forcing walks at work, even if it means I have to take the walk after I punch out before I get in my car. Speaking of my car, I really need to start biking again. Planning for Monday. Finally no snacking! I have been munching on salty and sugary treats too often, so in addition to staying away from fast food for two weeks I have hidden away my tasty treats.

At the end of two weeks, if I've had some sort of amazing progress and I feel strong enough, I'll continue this torture. Otherwise I'm going to try and do some moderation. I want to lose this weight, but I also want to not punch the next person who looks at my sideways.

So, Wildstar is a thing still. We had two great interviews with Dr. Lazarin, and Mondo Zax. They are both enjoyable reads, and appear to have cost us two more reporters, what's that 5 now?

I will be back with another Weekend Without Wildstar post this weekend, but I will be quiet until then.

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