Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Galactic Diplomacy - Real Talk

This is another feature I wanted to start for slow new days. The idea would be to discuss things that maybe were a disappointment, or bring certain topics back down to earth. It's like ... speculation that is less pie in the sky and more...mud in your eye? That's a phrase right? Someone from a rural community back me up here, I'm too close to the city to be folksy.

I'll come back to this week with some gusto, I wanted to get anyone reading prepared though, it may hurt feelings.

Tonight I will only throw out that I didn't manage to bike to work today, even though it was damn perfect weather for it. I was up until 4am last night finishing the Weekend Without Wildstar post, and then I went back and chopped it all up today, and I'm still not happy with how it turned out. What can you do? Some days things don't make the transition from brain to fingers intact.

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