Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Zax and Lazarin

Oy, what a week. There is a barrel somewhere, and my department is under it. I haven't seen this barrel, so I imagine it is quite large. I have been working until past 8pm all week, as you may imagine this has hindered more than my updates. I managed to get a walk in Monday, but since then standing up from my desk would be considered a luxury. They assure us help is coming, but my entire team is about to enter into an 8 week training program that includes 2 hour classes twice a week. Recognizing that extended hours are likely going to be the norm for the rest of the summer I will have to spend this weekend finding a solution. I want to start biking to work again, but I didn't want to bike home in the dark. The path I use is safely off the road, and I think the most vicious animal in the area is deer, I'm not sure of the hobo rape index though. This information is key.

Another issue that popped up this morning is a concern I am having with my scale. I'm starting to suspect that it is out of sync with the timeline. I feel fatter than ever today, but my scale says 219.7. Maybe that's how much I'll weigh next week, or what I weighed last year. Perhaps that's what I weigh in an alternate dimension where I am slightly less full of excuses?

Wildstar Wednesday this week is all about lore! Normally I'm a big fan of Lore, but I did pull nearly all of this information from the racial histories provided on the web page on Friday.

The information about Lazarin is pretty heavily featured since his hubris is the crux of the Mordesh's character. It was a nice character development that his wife's death spurred his research, but alright, guy named Lazar-something fumbles the immortality ball? Tell me another.

Mondo Zax is new though. It appears the Dominion has placed a sociopath in charge of their weapons development division. Good call I suppose, if they'd put anyone superior to him Zax probably would have vaporized them...on accident of course....34 times.

So we have an entirely calm, rational, calculating, driven mad scientist up against an utterly sociopathic hot tempered maniacal genius.

Ish is about to get real. (Given the nature of their work, in this context assume "real" to mean unbelievable.)

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