Friday, July 19, 2013

Chua Ready For Some MOREdesh Playable Races in Wildstar?

I will keep the boring weightloss stuff to a minimum so we can get on to the awesome that defined today. I have successfully worked a daily walk into my work schedule in a way that should only be interrupted by weather...and the occasional meeting. Ok, it's not a perfect plan, but it's worked this week. Unfortunately it's about the only thing that's worked this week. Overtime has a tendency to throw off my motivation and my willpower. (Pop machines that take credit cards are a cruel thing.) The weekend looks to be a good one though, so I will get out on the bike Saturday to remind my legs just how damn far it is to and from the office. Sunday I would like to float around in the pool. On with the show!

Alright, let's talk about it. I was a little disappointed that more focus wasn't given to new characters, but since Kit and Malvolio are pretty cool it's not worth complaining too loudly. The screen time given to the new races is relatively small, but don't worry, media sites were given a package! If you'd like to see a large gallery of screenshots and a few minutes of (kind of boring) game play you can hit up this Gamebreaker article. If you are more interested in hearing details instead of seeing them, there was a media Q&A that you can check out. If, on the other hand, would like to stick to official sources only, then you should stop by the newly updated Wildstar Races page, and find out how the Dominion is responsible for the destruction of both the Chua and Mordesh societies. Also check out this amazing page kind of hidden on their website.

Female Chua are too modest to pose nude for concept art.
Until I can get hands on with the character creator I don't feel fully informed, but I will say I wish the Mordesh were a little more Frankenstein's Monster and less Night Elf with glass bottoms. I figure the Exiles already have their bruiser so the Mordesh are designed to be the ascetic counter to the Mechari: Sleek and ... well sleek. It's unfortunate that "body types" isn't going to be a thing in Wildstar. The Mordesh and the Mechari both could really benefit from having a bruiser option.

Now that we have all the options are you able to make a choice? What other information would help you? Character models are just a part of the puzzle for me, I need to experience what the incidental voice work and animations will bring to the character of the races. This character will be telling me "I can't do that yet" for possibly the next decade so I'd like to make sure I enjoy their company.

I'll look over the Q&A and see if there is anything worth analyzing in detail, and we can probably expect a video of the SDCC panel to hit the internet once the fans and staff sober up. Have fun at the party people who are on the west coast!

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