Friday, March 1, 2013

Sometimes I do Gamer Things

Because I'm a gamer, sometimes....every once and awhile....occasionally, I may spend all night playing Trials Evolution Gold instead of going to the workout room even though I didn't have to work that late tonight and then realize that it is 2am and I haven't even researched my post for the day.

It happens. I like games. We should probably be high fiveing now, because if you are giving me a stern look than we probably don't understand each other.

I am looking at a couple of posts on lore today, the first was a little disappointing. It's neat to meet the old coot who discovered Nexus, but it's pretty sparse on details. It is neat to see that the behind the scenes on this aspect of the game is really just like writing a RPG source book, something I know a little bit about. (I don't want to toot my own horn but I was singled out as having written the weakest adventure in the book. Go big or go home, am I right!?)

The second blog entry is an uplink that posed the question Do you enjoy learning about a game's lore before you can play, or do you prefer to discover everything on your own?

My answer is that I like to have some core knowledge without having the surprise of discovery taken away. Hmm. Let me see if I can think of a better way to explain. I want to, as a player, know the things that my character should know as an adventurer in this universe. This will help me pick a faction, pick a race and pick a class and (in Wildstar's case) a path that I feel suits me as a person integrating into this world. The Eldon's disappearance and their wondrous technology is a mystery to the universe at large, then I don't expect to know too much about them as a player until I learn about it through play. This applies to immortal races or what have you. I can safely assume that even if an immortal race is introduced that has intimate knowledge of the Eldon that they hold secret from the other races that this would be privileged information and that player characters would be too young to have that knowledge themselves.

This seems to have been the general conciseness as well from other fans, and the sentiment from  Cory Herndon. Looking forward to seeing more information about the base history of the universe and the local history that drives our characters and the game story.

I will have a most intricate post tomorrow.

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