Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loose Ends

I'm wrapping up a couple of items from the Gamescom 2012 coverage today. There was a great interview at Ten Ton Hammer which seems to provide a little more meat than the video did, but it's not as flashy.
Oh and before I forget, I worked until 9:30p tonight so there was no cardio today. Concerning to be sure.

But at least there is time to look over Wildstar info before I crawl into bed
So, the next item is a Wildstar Uplink on the Gamescom Previews. What is interesting about this Uplink is that it was given a much deeper reply than has been given previously, particularly to concerns, some of which I share. "Won't the game be too easy if everything is telegraphed?" They gave some very common sense answers to this concern. First, not everything is telegraphed. Additionally they can alter the Telegraphs in ways to increase challenge, including size, speed, and damage caused.

They also addressed the difference between lock on targeting versus free targeting and ability diversity.

Ability diversity remains a concern for me, combined with the active combat style. I'm stuck in a WSAD mindset and reaching up for 1-6 abilities interrupts fluid movement. That's fine in a game like Warcraft, but if fine movement control is as important as ability rotations then I need it to be simple. In GW2 I have all of my abilities mapped to my mouse to allow for more freedom of movement. Anything more than a dozen core abilities would be a cause for concern.

Tomorrow I'm going to look at some Lore posts, which is the part of the game that most excites me.

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