Monday, March 18, 2013

Now Let's Meet The Dominion

Today was productive, also fun. In preparation for our flight on Thursday I took the chance to get our favorite Sesame Chicken for lunch, never know when that plane is going down, may as well not have any regrets. Also finished the Heart of the Swarm campaign and washed my underwear. I took a weight measure today and found I'm below 220 again, right around 218, which is surprising given my inconsistent workouts. I have been sticking to a reduced diet, so I guess that is helping to hold things together for the time being, but I am going to get this back under control after a weekend that will include more walking than normal, but will probably also include more processed foods.

On to Wildstar! A week after the Meet The Exiles video was released it was followed up by a Meet the Dominion Trailer, which was our first opportunity to learn anything about the second faction.

There was more! A complete website redesign went live, and I've been enjoying it's superior design for the last month as I've zipped through the blog, but it also held secrets! For more on that and a new class reveal plus a bunch of extra press coverage hit the read more below.

As part of the new web design there is now separate pages under the Heading "The Game" for Races, Classes and Paths. On the Path page you'll see the two videos that were released for Soldier and Explorer, but details on the Scientist and Settler are still pending. On the Races page, in addition to some nicely stylized portrait art you'll get a brief summary of the  known races as well as two empty spaces for the unnamed races alluded to in the Exiles and Dominion trailers. Finally on the Classes page there are brief descriptions of the four known classes as well as two empty spaces for the remaining unannounced classes. For some reason, ever since I saw the reveal CGI trailer it never even occurred to me that there would be more than three character classes available. Seemed .... hey wait a minute, did I just say four known classes? Oh, hey, look at that, a reveal trailer for the Stalker, a stealth class who uses bad ass claw weapons!

Two more races, and two more classes. Any thoughts or guesses? From previous observation it looks like an undead race of some sort as the Exiles last ally, but no clues for the Dominion. So far all of the races have been mostly humanish in size scale, we haven't seen any hobbit or dwarf analogs. The Carbine team seems to have this ability to dial in on cool so I'm sure it's going to seem very obvious when it is revealed. Maybe shape shifters, or energy constructs.

The media was able to release some more coverage once the Dominion was out of the bag. ZAM had three videos featuring a good amount of game play and commentary. Starting with the Warrior Class.

Next up, the Spell Slinger.

And finally their preview of the stalker class.

Is that all? Well no. The follow up to this was three character interviews like we saw months ago with the Exiles. I will say that these were less compelling to me because we already had the video which essentially does the same thing...but since I am a text only blog I should probably not dwell too much on the superiority of video content.

Meet the Cassian: Nothing striking here in the information department that isn't covered in the video. But it's a fun read, hammers in the personality a bit more for Malvolio Portius.

Meet the Draken:  There is some detail here about why the Draken serve the Dominion. Generations ago the Dominion attacked the Draken home world and much like the Granok put up a sizable resistance. In the case of the Draken though the Dominion was able to use their clan structure and rites to ensure victory through personal combat between Azrion the Conqueror, Emperor of the Dominion, and High Clanlord Zhur. The Draken has sworn eternal loyalty to the Dominion due to the outcome of that fight. (I look forward to learning how he cheated.) You'll also get some nice color commentary on the Draken, basically the are Klingons that are also Dragons. Pretty awesome.

Meet the Mechari: light on details here also. The subject is a female Mechari agent, which is cool. Beyond that we learn that many Mechari are centuries old, if not millennium. I will be interested to hear how the player characters fit into this and why they will start out with the same limited knowledge base the rest of the races have about Nexus.

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