Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Loose Ends

Wrapping things up virtually and "eye are el" as the kids say. Doing some laundry and packing suitcases. Hoping this constitutes working out because I have no time for the real thing this week.

The remaining entries I have not addressed for Wildstar regard the Arkship event and also the most recent Wildstar Wednesday. 

There was some info out of Arkship, and there was a great forum thread somewhere that included a bunch of approved answers from one of the attendees. Unfortunately I can't remember where it was or where I was linked to it from. I just combed through twitter and couldn't find it. So I feel bad that I can't share what I learned from it...if it makes you feel better I can't remember what I learned from it either. You can check out the Arkship summary which includes links to the fan sites that were in attendance.

The last item is a look at Duradune, a starter zone for the Dominion. you can check out some nice screen shots and some flavor in the official entry. But I'm just going to put this here. You can watch it and then we all know what we know about Wildstar. Tomorrow I will summarize everything I have learned.

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