Thursday, March 14, 2013


A week from now I will be getting final preparations in place for the flight to Boston, until then I'm still looking at 10 hour days through next Wednesday. I am still falling flat on getting back into the swing of serious exercise. I'm still using the stairs and cutting back on the soda, but I am not going to manage to tread water for long.

There was a great AMAA over on the Wildstar Reddit page today. I haven't had a chance to read through it all, but there are some interesting tidbits in there. I will probably have a chance...nope, gets into some serious business from here on out, maybe I'll make an extra post on Saturday or Sunday just for the AMA so I have everything cleaned up before PAX.

That's then, this is now. Today I am looking at the holiday posts, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...well obviously not by name. Let's see what the Wildstar version of our biggest holiday's are.

First we have Halloween, or as it will be known on Nexus, Shade's Eve. You can read the lore behind the holiday and the quote "So! As Shade's Eve approaches - don your mask, hide with care, and do your best to survive until dawn!" It looks like a pretty standard October MMO event. It'll be a week long with spooky trappings and mini games to play.

Oh, I seem to have made an error, there is no Thanksgiving event outlined. Instead it's a message from the Wildstar staff to all of us fans in America, wishing us a happy Thanksgiving, and giving us a video of a vocal piece from the soundtrack.

The next entry of a holiday nature was a Christmas card. You'll have to pop over to the Wildstar Blog if you'd like to check that out.

Finally there is the Christmas Analog, and like in most games it focuses on the commercialization of the holiday, which is fine by me. Any excuse they need to roll out Protostar Coperation is a good use of ... umm.... excuse juice? That got away from me a bit...anyway.... PROTOSTAR'S GALA WINTERFEST EXTRAVANGA by PROTOSTAR! Pop over to the blog if you'd like to get all the great flair and personality out of this announcement. At the core this looks like a standard snow filled event with mini games and presents.

I like events like this in MMO's I think they are fun and shake up the daily routine. Some people feel they mess with immersion. I say if you can accept that 8 alien species all developed into bipedal carbon based life forms with cultures similar to our own and all speak English (or your regional equivalent) I think we can accept that they celebrate similar holiday events.

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