Friday, March 15, 2013

A New Year

It has been two and a half months and now I have caught up in news to where I began, January 2013. I expected to stretch it out for much longer but the information was very exciting and I just wanted to keep learning. As a result I made the choice to attend PAX East so I could see the game in person. I would like to know everything that has been shared before I meet the development team, so I accelerated my time table as I discussed earlier this month.

Today I'm looking at the December State of the Game Address given by Jeremy Gaffney and a New Years Resolution post made by the community team.

The state of the game, just a short 3 months and 3 days ago given by Jeremy Gaffney. One of the interesting things he says right at the beginning is that development time is counted like dog years, so 8 weeks is a "long ol' time." I assume we'll be getting another state of the game soon, maybe before or after PAX, maybe after the inevitable April Fool's Joke update. For now, let's look back to December and see what new information is shared.

He comments that they are getting closer to a more wide scale closed beta, and that they are working hard on the unannounced races and classes. Specifically he says they are getting some flamethrowers into the game. I will hold you to that promise Mr. Gaffney, you said it on the internet, you can't take that back.

He talks about the elder game PVP, but can't say much about it, and indicates how excited they are to get more player feedback over the next months and make a great game.

Right, so Flamethrowers is the only real tangible piece of information, but come on. Flamethrowers!

If you want to read the full address, you can do so at the Wildstar Blog.

Then we have the Community Address: They are looking to really get involved with us and use the fans of the game as a resource for the betterment of Wildstar. Go check it out. I have friends in Vent and we are all Chatty about Star Craft 2: Heart of the Swarm tonight, which I have not bought yet because I need to continue preparations for PAX. What do people wear in Boston?

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