Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Need to get my butt in gear

The hype train seems to have started shoveling in the coal. Today's (actual today) blog post over on Wildstar's main site started off what turned out to be a media frenzy on the game today. We've had our first major press event, and there will be a fan conference coming later this month. The game will be launching late this year, that much I expected, but I am going to need to start churning through the 2012 blog content to get caught up on what there is to know so I don't say stupid things like this:

I did spot this though:

So Kit may not be willing to chat about them, but I think we can make some reasonable assumptions.

Anyway, enough about today, I want to go back to yesterday, when I was going back to December 7th, 2011. This blog was about Fansites...

Fansites are hugely important to games. I include gaming media in this bunch, because trust me, they are fans, just fans in a different way. This blog that I am looking at though is looking at the pure fansites.

Because of the nature of my research process, I won't be visiting these sites myself for probably another couple of months, since they are covering current events, while I am still making my way through the well worn trails of the past.

First we have Wildstar Central: This is a well established community it seems. They have a news feed, forums and even host a chat room from their main page. They are deeply invested in this product.

Next we have, oh, our first casualty. Wildstar Source is no more it seems.

Then we have a bunch of foreign language sites, which I am not the target demographic of.

 And finally a site that is simply Wildstar Forums. They are as advertised, It appears to be a pretty small community, which is great! It takes all kinds of fans to make a game succeed.

I'll get links up on the side for the active communities that are in English.

I may get some links up for some of the more commercial or news sites too if I can find a good place to link to that is specifically Wildstar.

For now, I will close by saying fans make these games go, every last one of you. To the ones that dedicate so much of their time to bring fans together, "Thank you!" From a random dude on the Internet.

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