Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Sound of Space

I have been trying to cut back on daily posts, at their core they are just a log of what days I worked out and which ones I did not. Not the most exciting stuff. So W-Fr were not on point, but I'm trying to make up for it here on the weekend.

Today's Wildstar subject is on music. I don't think this is a hook for the game, but music is a huge part of a game and particularly an MMO.

Most people seem to click off the music in game so they can pump their own tunes or focus on voice chat. While I admit I do that sometimes, I think that doing it 100% of the time is doing yourself a disservice. If the music is well written it adds to the experience. I always try and keep the music pumped the first time through an area. After that I may turn it down to 25% or something, but I always want it to be there, reminding me of the depth of emotion I felt the first time I visited an area, or fought a hard encounter.

A few samples were posted to the Wildstar blog back on September 28th 2011 and they are sharp.

What We Now Call Home - You'll recognize this as the music that plays at the beginning of the cinematic trailer. It's seems to be the theme of Nexus, maybe will play in an opening cinematic at character creation. It's a great song, but it's a little "epic" or "in your face" to be something always on in the background.

Justice Doesn't Always Wear a Badge - This piece feels like the more standard area music or even Combat music. Something that helps set the mood but doesn't take over. I really like it.

The music in this game will certainly be as unique as the artistic style.

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