Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Without Wildstar - Steam Sale

Once again Valve is bringing out the holiday values. It's just a short sale that started earlier this week, and will run through the 3rd.

We've seen some deep cuts on some really good indie games. Yesterday Papers Please, Don't Starve and Game Dev Tycoon were all right around $5. Even some big names are getting the single digit discount, FF7 for $4, Skyrim was even in that range two days ago (hopefully that price will return in a flash sale)

Today Dishonored is 7.50. I played the balls out of Thief when I was younger, and Dishonored seems to be the same type of game, unfortunately me and first person do not get along these days, I'd have to add a bottle of Dramamine to the purchase price. I certainly recommend it if you don't suffer from virtual motion sickness. Saint's Row 4 is also down to $20, along with Divinity Dragon Commander. (in a flash sale)

A weird segue, if you are a fan of the Divinity series an update to the kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin showed up today, guest staring two thirds of the Co-optional Podcast.

Kind of a light post since I'm not recommending a specific game, if another crazy deal pops up over the weekend I may update the post. obviously you can hit up Steam to see the most recent deals, and if you miss it, don't worry, the Winter Sale is only a month away and many of the featured items will likely return.

I'm picking up Dragon Commander because everyone says the Mass Effect-ish interactions you have with the different characters and races creates a very unique story.

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