Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spellslinger Live Stream

If you missed the live stream today by the professional (brofessional?) team at Carbine then I have a link you may be interested in. This time there is a handy countdown timer that tells you how far into the recording you need to skip ahead to get past the pre-show.

I suppose I could have been fancy pants and got an image to go with that link, but I respect you more than that, it's not about flash, it's about information.

A bit of housekeeping that came up at the end of the stream was that information will be on a slightly altered schedule next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Wildstar Wednesday will be on Tuesday, as will the Thursday AMA. I assume that Wednesday will be a pot luck...because I've worked in an office early as 3 days ago.

There was some great Spellslinger gameplay on display, no deaths, tele-bamph'ing, interesting combos, and also no deaths. The big take away for me was these two infographics comparing Esper and Spellslinger telegraphs.

Other tidbits:

  • Based on a slip up it sounds like Engineers will be able to tank. (1:11:00)
  • Spellslinger heals seem very skill based, lots of narrow telegraphs like their DPS.
  • Spellslinger heals focus on health restore, not shields.
  • The inate ability is off the global cool-down and will not interrupt a cast time ability.
  • In addition to "breakout gameplay" there are also diminishing returns for CC.
As a final note, yesterday's Ironman challenge ended in the stench of failure. It was most enlightening, however. I learned that it's terribly boring to play World of Warcraft with no spec.

Level 15

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