Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Without Wildstar - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Hey everyone! I probably should answer a couple of questions before starting.

First...weightless is hard. If there is a bandwagon that I was on, I have fallen off it. I pushed myself a little too far a few weeks ago and the snap back was pretty extreme. I've been away from the blog in general as a result, I didn't know what to say. For the past two weeks I've been saying "I'll post Wednesday!" This sounds an awful lot like, "I'll start working out Monday!" So, here I am today saying no more waiting, let's get writing today.

Even before the break in all content there was a break in the Weekends Without Wildstar posts. Unfortunately I ran into a string of problem games. This is a recommendation feature and I didn't want to post about games that weren't good, or weren't available. I've been trying to target games that I could link to Wildstar, since that hasn't been working I'm going to instead just talk about a great budget game.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. What to say about this game that can be sell its quality without ruining the whole game. This title is billed as a Single Player Co-Op game. You control two brothers on a quest to save their father. The quest is a puzzle platformer that is best played with a game-pad with twin sticks and Shoulder Triggers. (X-box/PS4 style controllers)

The mechanics are simple at heart, and the puzzles are never too ridiculous. Both of these elements evolve very naturally over the course of the three hour adventure. If you spend time hunting down the dozen achievements you can stretch another hour out of the game. It's not long, but it is engaging, and well worth the price point of $15.

I really can't say much more about the game other than to play the whole game through, like you were watching a movie. Don't give up on it, it's worth the three hour commitment.

Have a great week, and I hope to get back on a daily writing schedule as well as get back to exercise, I'll talk more about those difficulties on Wednesday's update.

Wow that music is dreadful in the trailer, it's much better in game.

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