Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In - Month 4 Update (also Stormtalon's Lair)

I am four months into this experiment, so it's time again to look at everything and see how it's going. I should probably start with my weight as of this morning: 219.3 pounds.

This is significantly short of my goal of being at 215 by the start of May. I am less disappointed about this than you may expect. Certainly I've stumbled a bit over the last month. Even this week with mandatory overtime and oppressive gloom of a return snow storm has been a struggle for me to motivate. It was much easier to spend all evening playing Game Dev Tycoon on Monday and far too long in queue to play Neverwinter on Tuesday. But that's the thing, I'm a gamer. I always will be a gamer. I will do gamer things.

I could probably be getting more consistent early results if I scheduled my work outs for the morning before I went to work instead of in the evenings when I feel like it. Something more regimented has the disadvantage of being set aside from my normal routine, in the long run it will be far too easy to cast it off. If I can instead work positive activities and attitudes into my normal life I think the effects will be far longer lasting.

Here is a good example. I used to consume about 5 cans of pop every day, usually more on my days off. Pop is a huge source of extra calories in my diet. I could have cut it completely, I've done it before. Eventually I just started drinking it again, and right back up to 5 or 6 cans a day. This time around I reduced my consumption to 3 cans max daily. I drink one with each meal. This is still a bunch of calories that could stand to be out of my diet, but I've stuck with it for months, and I'm likely to continue. The only further adjustment I'd like to make is eliminating the can from dinner, so that I can get to sleep easier; a very common sense goal.

Assuming tonight's snow storm is just a joke that is a month late and it clears up by the weekend I'll be hitting the trails again to work up my stamina on my bike. and hopefully by May 13th I will feel comfortable biking to and from work daily. Adding this to the walk I take during my 15 minute break and my nightly 30 minute exercise creates a pretty reasonable routine that fits into my life. I think that's the trick for long term success, but I'd be interested to hear what you think about it.

Wildstar updated their page, as they do most Wednesdays. They treated us to some history to the Dungeon that was shown off to fans at Arkship EU. There are some nice pictures and a fair amount of background on enemy within this dungeon. It doesn't leave much to talk about, but it does whet the appetite. I would have liked to see a Dev walk though video of part of the instance, like Dallas Dickinson did for SWTOR. But we can't have everything. If you are interested in a taste of the story from this first Exiles dungeon, check out this link.

Boss 1?

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