Friday, April 26, 2013

The Nexus - EU Arkship Mostly

Only in Minnesota does the weather go from "oy I wish I had a pair of gloves" to "why am I wearing pants?" in 24 hours. I may test the waters on biking to work over the weekend since snow exists only in huddled masses on the north side of tall buildings.

The artist I presented my concept logo to indicated he should have it finished over the weekend. I'm very excited to see how it turns out.

Today I will be looking at community and official information that has come out of the Arkship EU event that happened last weekend.

  • Stormtalon's Lair Screenshots
  • Wildstar Roleplay's Impressions
  • Black Wolf and Mizpah on Wildstar Central
  • Wildstar Life Interview with Lead Systems Designer Christopher Behrens
  • ZAM interviews Jen Gordy
  • Episode 2 of Late Night Dominion
  • Wildstar Weekly on a new You Tube Channel
  • Nexus Talk with Bog Otter 

That is a lot to talk about, so let's get started.

Stormtalon's Lair

There is a collection of screen shots given to attendees available on several sites. I'm linking to an imgir gallery. I have not seen too much discussion on the dungeon by attendees though. This week on Late Night Dominion (linked later in this post) Matt Mocarski filled in some details. The Pell are an ancient race that served the Eldan. They survived the centuries, but they aren't smart enough to manage Eldan technology without their master's guidance. We will encounter this species throughout Nexus in various capacities. In this case they are attempting to spawn a wind god of some sort, you can see the giant birthing sac in several of the screen shots.

You can get the whole gallery here.

Wildstar Roleplay's Article

It seems most of the social systems in Wildstar are still under NDA so there isn't a ton of new game information presented, but if you are an Roleplayer, if that's "your thing" then this is a good read for you. You will probably be well served to check out their community site in general, if you like RP.

Black Wolf and Mizpah

Zap Robo says it best in one of the comments:
This is the nature of the Arkship events. They're more for the devs getting direct player feedback on unannounced systems, than they are for giving the wider community new insight/content. Great for the participants and devs, not so great for anyone on the outside.
These accounts are still very interesting to read.

Wildstar Life Interviews Christopher Behrens


ZAM Interviews Jen Gordy

A fantastic interview about general PVP features in Wildstar and what we can expect to see at launch. It seems that advanced broadcasting features will not be available at launch, but the team considers them a high priority. Read the full article here.

Late Night Dominion

A good second episode for these folks. They had on a guest from Carbine who answered some surprising questions. For example, A viewer asked in Twitch Chat if all races could be either gender and he answered "All the announced races can be." Tune in to see exactly how closely David Bass holds the reins when a staffer is being interviewed.
He's always watching...

Wildstar Weekly

Philetic moved his Weekly Wildstar Podcast to a different You Tube channel than it had been on, so I decided to link it again.

Nexus Talk

Richie keeps getting a mention because he keeps making great Vlogs. This episode is about PVP and it is fully researched and up to date with all information out there about Wildstar. It's so complete that he doesn't know just how much information he has. At one point in the video he questions how Break Out Gameplay functions, but earlier in the video he gives a solid example of it. If you only follow one You Tube channel with Wildstar Content I have to suggest Bogotter. But why follow only one?

Concept Art

Finally, this piece of concept art popped up on the Crimson Isle page today.

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