Monday, April 1, 2013

April Check In

I did my weigh in a day early so I could give a month end or month beginning report. I was surprised to see I was at 217.2 pounds. That makes a net loss for the month, the good kind of loss. This comes as a bit of a surprise both because I ate at least a pound of steak yesterday, and also because I have not been diligent in adhering to a schedule for my work outs. As we go through April I plan to continue my walks at work, it's about three quarters of a mile around the office park which I am able to travel inside the duration of a fifteen minute break. I will probably up that to twice a day if I can figure out where I can work a second 15 minute break. What I like the most about walking at work is the efficiency. It's time I wasn't making good use of a break, not .... you know what I mean.  Snow is still wandering off, but it's not being quick about it. The standing puddles have disappeared from the sidewalks around the buildings, but the bike paths still look treacherous. Once I'm confident stealth ice and sand patches are not going to dislodge me from my bike I will probably start riding it into work. This isn't as efficient as driving my car, but I think the time loss to exercise gain is a net plus.

Content on the blog, that is another subject. Over the last month I chewed through about a years worth of Wildstar news. Now that I'm caught up there will be much less for me to learn about the game on a daily basis. I'm sure that I could find something to talk about, at length, on a daily basis if I tried. I don't think that would be the best use of this space though. Going forward I plan to move my weigh in to Wednesdays to correspond with the major weekly updates on the official page. I will also post on Friday with a recap of other news and details both official and otherwise. Finally on Sunday I will post an opinion piece on something that I want to look closer at, or think more about.

I will still be monitoring the page daily for comments, hopefully the longer period of time between posts will create some and allow for a dialog.

Additionally I will be on the Gamebreaker forums daily. I know there are several very active and excited communities for Wildstar out there, but I am going to stick to the Gamebreaker forums because there is a minimal amount of traffic in that section of their forums and want to make sure it doesn't die off.

That's it for today. All about me I'm afraid. Now, if you'll excuse me, I just finished Bioshock Infinite and I have to look around the apartment for the rest of my mind.

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