Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Sound of Sound

Today emergency database maintenance sent me home on time, so what did I do with my extra hour or two? Slept. I am up 2 pounds. I know it's a day early on the weigh in, but I'm pretty grumpy about it so I couldn't wait. I am trying to get back into a regular pattern but I was thrown off by overtime and I haven't found a good way to recover yet.

On the Wildstar front today things are relaxed as well, but in a positive good feelings kind of way. Instead of looking at the serious game mechanics and design issues I am looking at a couple of posts on sound design from November of 2012.

The first is an interview with Greg Meader a Senior Sound Designer at Carbine. This is an interesting interview. I must admit I'm more of a music guy, but I can appreciate all the hard and crazy work that goes into sound design. Unlike music if it's done right you almost never really think about it, the sounds just feel natural. Mr. Meader comments that he worked on the sounds for Tower of Terror in Florida, I am curious if I will also hear the sounds of his kitchen at the Anaheim park. The piece of the interview that I found most interesting is examples of some of the unexpected sounds that are combined together to produce a final product. There are some videos over on the official blog, as well as some other examples of sounds Greg Meader has held onto for the right moment. You can read the interview here.

The second entry is an interview with Charley Lanusse, the Audio Director on WildStar. This interview focused on where sounds come from and the kind of talents a audio designer brings to the table as well as their personal collection of sounds that they have collected. It's interesting, and a bit over my head, you can read this one over that the Wildstar blog too.

As a final item today I felt a little foolish patting myself on the back for spotting clues to the identity of the forth race in the Exiles. Here is an example of someone who really has an eye for detail. This is a forum poster over at Wildstar Central, he outlines everything he's learned about the Eldan.

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