Sunday, March 10, 2013

Plot things

Yesterday did not quite go as planed. I got up and played some Tomb Raider as planned until it was time to drive my girlfriend to work. Then I came home and sat down fulling intending to just "finish this area" and then in a blink of an eye the alarm telling me to pick up my girlfriend from her 8 hour shift was going off. Sign of a good game. On the plus side my calorie intake was very low, since I didn't move for 8 hours, unfortunately this was balanced by the fact that I didn't move for 8 hours.

Let's look at some Plot entries from the Wildstar blog. These were posted between late October and late November of 2012 and the three entries set the stage for the three races we've been introduced to and why they belong to the Exiles.

War of Gnox: Great back story for the Granok! I was wrong in my guess that their planet was mined out for mineral resources by the Dominion. The reason Granok don't like to talk about their home is that they are literal exiles from their own planet for the actions they took saving it from the Dominion. The biggest thing to come out of this post is the first image of a Granok female. I like it, feminine and strong.

Brightland's Rebellion: Every time I type Brightland my brain really wants to type "Brightbeard" I'm not exactly sure why. Yarr! Back on track, this entry covers the Exile's human members. A tale of courage against an oppressive government. This is another race that is both Exile in name and true exiles. The cryo freezing of their leader is a cool hook, the advanced technology on Nexus can surly restore him - but at what cost I wonder. No shocking photos to go along with this entry, but still a good read.

Ravaging of Arboria: The Aurin are the only race to not be true exiles from their planet. They can return, but the Dominion would need to be defeated. There is a possibility that the surviving Aurin still planet side would have grown to resent the people that abandoned them to their fate. I did expect this story to be a little more final, less open ended. Arboria still exists, it isn't indicated that it has been turned into a total wasteland. I did like the cause of the conflict quite a bit. Exile humans accidentally leading the Dominion straight to their allies. We got one screen shot showing cat ears on an Aurin female and it looks like a juvenile male, I hope that's not what player Aurin males look like, but it would be an interesting idea to have the female of the species be the physically imposing member.

I have decided to include one more entry that I originally had further down the line, but now that I've read these entries I realize its place is here. Exiles United: This entry details the outcome of the events that brought the Exile races together and the discovery of Nexus. Once a home was found for the leaders of these different cultures knew that a formal agreement was needed, the Exile Accords were drafted and the Exiles are now on their way to Nexus aboard the Gambler's Ruin. There were no fun pictures in this entry, but the name of the forth Exile race and their circumstances were shown with this quote: "...along with an increasing number of refugees that had escaped the Grismaran blockade." We know two things about this race, they have a name and they have limited skin coverage, but that's way more than we know about the Dominion's secret fourth man.

As a follow up, you can follow their story from this point on Twitter, This bit of marketing was announced this last Friday (3/8/13) and just so I'm being fair you can also follow the Dominion at

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