Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Zones and New they taste like chicken?

So I may have cut back a little further on my caloric intake than was necessary today. No breakfast, water all day and just a single hot pocket. (Yes a hot pocket, I'm a gamer...what did you think I ate?) I was a little woosey by the time we went to the grocery store, but I think I did pretty good overall.

Today I'm looking at entries on Galeras from the Wildstar Blog.

The first entry is the Introduction to Galeras from October 2nd, 2012. This was a nice... actually, you know what...maybe you'd like some mood music. I have just the thing. Posted in today's Wildstar Wednesday was the musical track that plays during character creation. I'm not going to get too musical nerdy here, but there are some fantastic transitions. Listen for the great flute solos at 1:42 and 2:11. Also listen for the really great transition from 3:50-4:00. This is a great modern orchestral piece that uses some great techniques to create a sound that is classic and yet crisp and futuristic.

Ok, the introduction post to Galeras highlights a few key areas in the zone and the conflicts that surround them. There is an Exile city Thayd that is under siege from Dominon forces, surrounded and cut off, they struggle to survive. The key is the nearby Dominion base and the nearby fuel depot. The Exiles are planning an assault to free the city from the Domnion's grasp.

The Gale Canyon is the next key location, it is home to some Eldon ruins and some unnatural wind patterns. A research camp is at the base of the canyon and research is under way, but there may be some problems with the native species known as the Pell. Nearby the Dominon has raided outlying farms and driven away settlers. The Exile forces have responded but the Dominon strike team has taken up with a savage group of natives known as the Falkrin. Attacking in force could have lasting effects for the Exiles.

From the descriptions this sounds like a early zone for Exile characters. I could be wrong, but with a large portion of the conflicts being against the Dominion with resolutions that involve meta-events that could result in resolutions for your character I don't think there would be counter events for Dominion players. If there are...that would be neat, not sure how it could work on a PVE realm, but persistent back and forth events in leveling content could be interesting.

While the first entry focused on the conflicts with the more sentient inhabitants of Galeras, the second entry introduced some of the wildlife. It's a good entry filled with flavor and can be read here. The Stem Dragon entry looks like an analog to the giant rock worm thing that can pop up while you are harvesting ore. The Buzzbings...giant bees, sigh. I'm terrified of normal sized bees. Finally giant Scrabs, a scorpion like insect/arachnid/crustacean. More terrestrial than the previous creatures we've been introduced to, but I do like the style of them.

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