Friday, March 29, 2013

Look! Photos

I'm going to stall for a day, I have about one more post worth of random PAX Facts about Wildstar. I'm going to wait until tomorrow when the Official Wildstar Site wraps up their coverage. Today I've got some B roll and photos from the Wildstar/Curse after party.

Before that, I wanted to mention that I got out and around the office again today and nearly fell prey to Minnesota's most deadly predator, stealth ice. What is stealth ice you ask? It's Ice that you assume is water. A shallow puddle on a sidewalk waits patiently for a pedestrian and a car to approach sanctimoniously. The Minnesota drive will wave the pedestrian to pass, no matter how much distance they have to cover so the pedestrian will double their walking pace to get by with minimal inconvenience to the driver. The stealth ice strikes! Twisting ankles, shattering kneecaps, breaking necks or embarrassing the pedestrian in front of peers. Beware the stealth ice.

Last Saturday evening Tina and I attended Wildstar's after party. I have to say, neither of us are very good in social settings. When I told her we'd be going to a party Tina asked if we needed a tank. *rim shot* My favorite picture from the evening was of the senior development team who had gathered right next to me, including Jeremy Gaffney. Instead of saying something witty or even offering a hello I just snapped a stealth photo and disappeared into the crowd. Smooth. More photo's after the cut.

The line was long. We were fortunate, there was a splintering of the line. Some people went down the stairs, others curled along the wall towards the elevator, and most went out the doors of the back entrance most of us didn't even know was there. Eventually it was decided that there was only one true line. We were allowed to keep our position but many were escorted outside to the end of a line that had stretched out into the street in the cold Boston evening.

Inside it was a pretty hip scene, I guess. I don't really know how to judge these things. They had ice statues!

They had DJ's in tight dresses and a dance floor with lights that didn't seem to be causing epileptic fits. That's good right?

This was Early in the night, so the crowd was pretty chill. You can't see it in this picture but they had gaming rigs running the beta. I watched a guy show his girlfriend how to play in a way that suggested she had never played a video game on a computer before. He had to instruct her on WASD.
 Even a VIP area with a better bar, look at all those bottles!
 Finally I have some B roll that was running on the dance floor between the trailers (What is Wildstar, Meet the Dominion, Meet the Exiles, and Dev Speak: Housing) It's concept art, much of which I hadn't seen before so I shot some quick video. I don't have any fancy tools for this stuff, so I just used the Youtube editor to cover up the party noise. Please marvel at my inexperience!


I hate these graphic heavy posts, they really show off my lack of design skills. My video shooting skills are only just such that I managed to avoid getting the couple who was grinding inappropriately just out of shot in the lower left. Come on guys it's only like 9:30!

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