Monday, March 25, 2013

Back in the Mid West

PAX has ended and I am home. I absorbed a lot of information over the weekend, most of it was about Wildstar, some of it was about Marvel Heroes, and some of it was about Hearthstone.

I had a very good weekend. Saw lots of flashing lights, walked a ton, stood in lines a ton and was given the chance to go into a closed door meeting with the Wildstar team with about 20-30 other twitter followers who were both at PAX and paying attention. We got a version of the Press Demo and were allowed to ask questions. I didn't record it, but I'm pretty sure Zapp Robo Wildstar Central did and I'm guessing he will post up a good summary of questions asked, he does that sort of thing.

I have a stack of notes about what I'd like to talk about, and they need to be organized. For the time being I am going to show the greatest thing to come out of PAX, this video shown at their Friday Panel.

I have further housing questions that were answered, as well as several of the questions I had from Wednesday, but not all answered. I have some thoughts on Housing, on Character Customization, and features like Custom UI's, Quest Helpers, Flying Mounts and LFG tools. I want to get all those thoughts organized before I start posting though. So look for them to come out over this week.


  1. Jeepers, I love the concept of using WildStar to make your life better. And I need to hit the gym myself (crunch food is the least healthy on the planet).

    But now I feel added pressure to ship on schedule so we don't turn you into a 98-lb toothpick.

    1. If I have to lose an extra 10 pounds before the game launches, so be it. I'd rather settle for exceeding my goal than having an incomplete product.