Saturday, February 23, 2013

Power naps and building props

I almost titled that "Power Naps and Moon Nazis" but I decided I didn't want Nazi appearing in my post titles for all time.

Last night I forgot to do my pushups and such and instead watched Iron Sky on Netflix. I feel like it was punishment in itself. But I will make up for it tomorrow, when I will also be making up for taking a nap after a long day of work tonight instead of hitting the elliptical.

I am looking at the Prop department video today and related posts.

First the video:

Next, the other video.

Seems like a fun team to work on. Or a good room to take a nap in the middle of.

Since these videos speak for themselves, I am going to also look at the next Uplink Analysis

The question presented was Do you prefer games that allow cross-faction communication or ones that prevent it?

Which is interesting, and I have experience with both. In World of Warcraft there is no inter-faction communication, the base language the players speak is faction specific and not understood by the opposing faction. In Beta this was not a thing, and it led to some problems...

SWTOR, on the other hand, had open faction to faction communication, but there were intellegent restrictions. Players could only communicate in /say. /shout between factions was hidden and each faction had it's own separate map chat. Additionally you could not use /tell to communicate with a member of the opposing faction. This is the best angle I feel, especially when you are in a world where it is implied that there is a common language.

There are arguments to be made for blocking communications; trolling, spying and bullying seems to be the primary ones. Truth is that these "exploits" can be bypassed with opposite faction alts. Adding in some basic faction communication can be good for normal play and a huge benefit for role-players. Allowing communication in local channels should be allowed. (Emotes and /say) All other communication should be blocked. having the ability to communicate directly with a player of the opposing faction can be problematic and should be limited to people in your global friends list (if this level of community is included)

 On the other hand, fully blocking communication can have this neat effect of dehumanizing the opposing faction. Which makes them easier to hate. It also adds a level of uncertainty. Are they friendly? If he can't tell me, or I can't tell him, maybe it'll just be easier to hit each other.

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