Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Excitement and Frigid Cold

Can I just start by saying that it is a cruel joke when the title section is not included in a spell check.

Excitement for two things.

I weighed in at 220.6 this morning! I am on track to be below 220 for the month two results. I am going to do a few things to make sure that stays a reality. First, I am doubling my sad and pathtic strength building regimen to just be sad. I am also no longer going to use the elevator at go down. It's a tall building, I don't think I'll ever be doing a full sprint up the stairs unless they install showers up there.

Secondly, my girlfriend and I will be attending PAX East next month. The different ways this is exciting could be its own post, so I'll just sum it up with, we've never been to PAX.

I was lining up posts for digestion today and things got a little out of control. We start with the Friends and Family video from June 13th, 2012.

Then there were a few follow up interviews...

Right off the bat things get pretty out of control with an AMAA on Reddit with Jeremy Gaffney. Lets see if I can pull some highlights.

He says:
  • Combat much more active, more against lots of monsters than one-on-one
  • More strategic solo combat as well as more tactical
 This is something I'm starting to pick up. There is something up with that combat system that is different, but I'm not exactly sure how yet. Sometimes you can't understand something until you play with it.

He talks about some other games' cool features and innovations over the years. This is very important. Not because of what those features are, but because he can name them. It's good to know a developer is also a player, or at least a student of the industry. Look at Final Fantasy 14 if you need to know what happens when you don't look around to the industry before you spend 5 years making a game.

This is just...all over the place. It's hard to summarize. Resource nodes can turn into monsters that you have to kill and they drop a bunch of extra resources. Bunny ears are one option for the Aurin, but not the only one. Mentions additional classes and races have yet to be reveled, and that some races are restricted from certain classes, but no one is restricted on paths. Listen, you know what? Go read it if you'd like. It's over here. If you are as out of date with the news on this game then there will be some interesting things in here. I'm moving onto the next interview.

An interview with Gaffney over at Massively covered a lot of bases, but this is the only thing that matters: "All races can double-jump; it just felt too cruel to leave out the Granok"

Moving on.

Another interview with Gaffney, this one was in French...or in France, or something. This was a great interview and I'm glad I read it. You can here. I can't sum it up because it's a lot of great questions and answers, and there isn't anything about double jumping.

And yet another interview over at MMORPG with Mr. Gaffney. This is a pretty short interview and there is a little bit more discussion about combat and how it's more active than what people are used to in MMO's. I think in the AMAA he mentions that you can toggle between having this free form targeting they talk about in the video to having lock on targeting that forces all of your abilities to center on what you have targeted. This is a system I need to really get my hands on to know if I'm going to like. I know there is a more complete discussion of this coming up somewhere in the blog so I'll save my in depth opinion for then.

Finally, to change things up, we have an interview with David Bass...who is much younger looking than I had pictured form my interactions on Twitter through SWTOR and also Wildstar but that stuff is in the future-present-past and it gets confusing...God wait until I start quoting myself from 6 months ago on a WSUplink Analysis. Anyway, interview over at massively. It's mostly just a "who is David Bass" interview, and I didn't learn anything too much from it because I already knew he was awesome.

It is late, and I still need to do some push ups. I'm hoping to find more unified items to talk about, they take much less time to write.

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