Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blogging my shame

So another long day at work and another long nap instead of working out. I am poking my belly right now, and it is laughing at me. Laughing and plotting to drink Mt. Dew while I sleep. I actually enjoy doing my "runs" they leave me feeling good, uplifted, motivated. Why I am unable to transfer that emotion to the getting my butt out the front door and across the frozen parking lot I do not know, perhaps some shrink well happen along and explain it to me. If they do, I apologize for the derogatory term in the last sentence.

I have not stopped learning about Wildstar though, information is starting to pour out like a faucet, so I desperately need to catch up.

Today I'm looking at a blog entry from February 8th 2012. Looking at it on a brand new website I will add. A much smoother running one at that. Thumbs up to everyone that had a hand in designing and implementing this new layout.

This post was written by Chad Moore who, seeing his picture in this post, I remember from some of the Gamescom videos. Dude looks like he'd be a bouncer not a game developer, but he is indeed
Lead Narrative Designer at Carbine Studios.

Anyway, this particular post is about the story of Wildstar and how they want to tell it to the players. This quote, I feel sums up the entry pretty well. "For us in narrative design, it is very important that all of the threads in the tapestry exist for a reason, and that each one will teach you, the player, something about our world and the stories taking place within it."

It's an article that is pretty sparse on details but big on showing that Chad Moore is a man who cares about the world, hell, the universe he's creating and the history that sets the stage for the players to play on.

This statement also, "...the unique personality of WildStar really shines through: a special blend of humor, adventure and mystery that infuses every aspect of our game."

This is huge, and it is accurate. The reason I am still paying attention to this game is the personality that it oozes. It positively reeks of personality. It has so much personality that if it eats an after dinner mint made of personality it will explode and personality will paint the walls. So here you go you big personality glutton, eat that mint and shower us in your personality gore.

You ever notice that no one uses positive metaphors for having too much of something? No one ever says something like, "Man, it's like a box of kittens but instead of full of kittens it's full of personality." It's always, "There is so much personalty that if he stands up he'll probably pinch off a squirt of it and ruin his boxer-briefs."

I need to stop free forming and go to bed. This isn't going to be as funny as I think it is when I read it in the morning.

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