Monday, February 18, 2013

6 in 1 Half a Dozen of Another

I have found a way to combine six blog entries from the Wildstar site into one comprehensive, and unified news item...mostly.

First let me say that I finished my planned work outs for the weekend. They may have taken their toll. I did a grand total of 2.5 hours on the elliptical for cardio. I did 80 of each Wall Slides, Sit ups, Squats, and Sissy Pushups. What I learned is that I have the endurance to easily push an hour of cardio, so I should consider increasing that. I also learned that my physical strengh, particularly my upper body is really really weak. It's sad really. I started doing real push up, I mean...normal right, not any crazy P90X ninja push ups. Anyway, I was doing 2 sets of 5 reps, rotating through the 4 exercises and then doing it again. I could not get the 10th push up. I'd go down and hold it, but I'd collapse mid count. There is tons of room for improvement for this area, and will likley lead to good weightless results.

It's getting late, so I should probably start hooking together these blog entries into a train, choo choo.
This is not going to be as involved as yesterday's post. I have to work in the morning, so let's stick to words. I have have to spell check them, but at least I don't have to fight with the editor to get them to line up the way I want when it loads in a browser.

We are heading to a new zone, so we are going to need a form of travel. Can I interest you in a late model year Hover Bike? You may have seen this model driven by such celebrities as Buck from the Wildstar Reveal trailer, or a random Aurin gal from the Blog entry from March 14th 2012. Unclear if this is a point to point taxi or a free roam personal item. Oh, did I break character, bleh...moving on.

Algoroc is our destination. It has a very "old west" feel to it. There is a valuable mineral found here that has triggered a rush of settlers looking to make their fortune. It's also attracted a fair amount of organized crime. From the description in the blog entry from April 11th, 2012 there is a lot going on in this zone. Beyond helping settlers and driving away the criminal cartel that has moved in there are Eldan ruins to explore and mutated beasts to fight.

Let's talk a little bit about Loftite. This is the mineral everyone wants. It has properties that make it float. Specifically it reduces the effects of gravity around it. Some larger crystal formations have ripped the ground up and created landscapes that look like frozen explosions. They attract not only prospectors, but also tourists, and scientists, even dare devils hoping to use the crystal properties to perform death defying ... jumping puzzles. You can read more in a blog written May 31st, 2012.

There are nasty folks and critters that will get in your way out here. I think our friend Metal Maw is from this zone. You'll also encounter blood thirsty pirates. They want Loftite and they plan to take it and shoot anyone who gets in their way. While the Marauders are more the small raiding party type, the Darkspur Cartel has the resources and organization to pull off a more grandiose occupation. They have taken over one of the major towns in the area and are using it as a base of operation. One assumes a scrappy group of heroes will be needed to help set things right, until they stop getting xp, then they leave and everything will go back to hell. Allied with the Cartel is a small gang of bootleggers called the Crowe Gang. They like strong liquor. Good for them. They also seem to wear big metal masks...I assume they drink with straws. You can check out the blog entry from April 18th, 2012 if you'd like to see screenshots and get a bit more history.

The final entry from June 6th, 2012 features a half dozen or so screen shots of Gallow, the port town that the Cartel has taken over.

Also, they record music for this game.

Mostly connected.

As a whole the zone of Algoroc seems like a good second step in the Exile's path into Nexus. We start with a very standard MMO zone with very standard MMO tropes. Then we move into a zone with Floating rocks and political back dealing, rooted more in the Old West than in Fantasy. I'm really looking forward to where Wildstar takes us next.

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