Sunday, January 13, 2013

A weekend of disapointments.

Lots of personal stuff going on this weekend. Busy period at work really kicked in on Tuesday, had family obligations on Saturday and Sunday, all of this discouraged me and lead to not hitting the gym. It's a pretty sad excuse. I hope to get back into a flow on Monday. It is hard to stay motivated. I know I should care about my weight, but I don't except for when I need to buy new pants or a shirt I really like doesn't fit anymore.

Been reading up on the Wildstar Blog as I go through the week though. Great show and tell article by the artist (Andy Cotnam) behind the Metal Maw concept art done at gamescom was posted September 14th 2011. It shows step by step the process that takes a rough idea and turns it into something really special.

I feel like anything I said on the subject would be insignificant, so I encourage you to read the blog entry over on Wildstar's site, even if you are familiar with the final product, it's fun to follow the process.

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